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Access information 24/7. Improve the way you get things done. View client information in a flash. Work more productively and more efficiently with all your files securely stored in our cloud-based platform.

Tools, Data Management, Storage

Simplify your job and do more than ever before with SmartCenter. Grow your tax business with our subscription based-suite of tools, features and cloud storage platform. Click the tabs below to learn more.
  • Practice Management System
  • Financial Consulting Tools
  • Bulk Email Engine
  • Online Appointment Calendar
  • Legal Doc Prep
  • Guides & Templates
  • Practice Management System

  • The heart of SmartCenter is our practice management system. This password-protected suite of tools and cloud storage securely hosts all of your client files, makes it easy to upload records to the cloud, and automatically exports data from your existing tax software. 

    With your files stored safely and indexed in the cloud, our practice management system instantly aggregates data and makes it simple to create client friendly financial analysis reports, send bulk emails, and grant clients access to your online appointment calendar.

    • Create New Opportunity

      • Organize clients by type

      • Identify future needs

      • Generate customized reports 

    • Stay Organized

      • Keep track of all your client’s activities in one place

      • Easily find information you need

    • Secure Storage

      Safely store client contact information, documents, files and reports in the cloud

    • Make it your own

      Customize your database in three simple steps.

      1. Answer questions in the setup wizard

      2. Upload your client CSV File

      3. Use the wizard to map fields in client files to fields in our system.

  • Financial Consulting Tools

  • Help your clients understand what they need and show them how to achieve their goals with custom reports you can quickly generate while clients are in your office or on the phone.

    • Customized Reports

      Use our software to upload clients' information from your existing tax software and quickly generate full-color reports that provide clients with solid recommendations. 

    • Offer Clients More Value

      Use these reports to impress your clients and make them feel taken care of. Give them to clients as an incentive for doing business with you or sell them as an added service and add to your bottom line.

  • Bulk Email Engine

  • Sending emails to your entire client base doesn’t need to be a pain. Our Bulk Email Engine is an easier and more professional way of email marketing to your clients.

    • Sending Bulk Emails is Easier Than Ever

      Creating email communication for groups of clients is time-consuming and cumbersome. Stop wasting your time. Use our system instead. 

    • Communicate More Effectively

      Our Bulk Email Engine allows you to send beautiful emails to any number of clients with just a few simple clicks.

    • Learn from the Email Wizard

      Our email wizard will walk you through the process of sending an email to one client, a group of clients, or your entire client base.

    • Get Creative

      Create an entirely custom email, or choose from a variety of pre-designed templates.

  • Online Appointment Calendar

  • Our Online Appointment Calendar is customized to your brand, plugs into your existing website, and allows your clients to book and update appointments online without ever having to speak to you or someone in your office. 

    • Make Scheduling Appointments Easier

      Day or night, give your clients the freedom to schedule their own appointments. The average 300-client firm could spend up to 85 hours manually booking appointments for a tax season. Take that time back and allow your clients to book their own appointments online without ever speaking to a person.

    • Give Clients More Access

      With SmartCenter, clients can log-in from your website and book appointments according to your schedule.

    • Access Your Calendar 24/7

      Manage upcoming appointments though our platform, without having to book them yourself.

  • Legal Doc Prep

  • With no legal expertise and without practicing law, you can use our legal doc prep system to have attorney-reviewed legal documents prepared on your clients’ behalf. Generate more revenue for your practice and provide a valuable service for your clients.

    • We Do The Work For You

      When your clients need help with legal documents we’re here for you. All you have to do is fill out the legal doc web forms, and we create the document.

    • You handle the client relationship, we prepare the legal documents

      • Revocable Living Trust Packages 
      • Will Packages
      • Incorporation and LLC Formations
      • Buy/Sell Agreements
      • Personal Service Agreements
      • & More!
    • Legal Documents Designed Just for You

      SmartCenter is the only legal document system designed specifically for tax pros. 

    • 50 States. Hundreds of Documents

      Our Legal Doc Prep System creates hundreds of legal documents in all 50 states.

    • Attorney-Reviewed Finished Documents

      We prepare the document - you just complete our online web forms, and submit. You pay the wholesale price, charge your client for your time, and we deliver attorney-reviewed* finished documents ready for signature.



      * All Estate documents and business contracts are reviewed by Attorney’s before document drafts are uploaded to your system.



  • Guides & Templates

  • Market your practice more effectively. Create a referral system in an instant. Implement appropriate HR practices into your firm. Learn how to do it all with our tax practice management and marketing guides. View and download everything to your computer directly from our platform. 

    • Designed for You

      If you want to market your services, implement practice management systems, or create the HR Paperwork you need, you don’t have to start from scratch.  Our templates are predesigned, ready to use and simple to edit.

  • Pricing

    No contracts, no hidden fees, just one monthly payment.
      • Zero-Cost Training & Technical Support

      • Receive unlimited phone, email and chat training and support with any package. We don’t think it’s fair to charge you for software and then charge you to learn how to use it. We don’t charge for training and support, and we never will. 

  • Everybody is talking about us.

  • Look what people are saying...
  • Gary P.
    , -
    Laguna Niguel, CA

    I have used them for forming several entities and just finished my first trust through them. They handle all the legal paperwork. I just did the client interview. It was easy to use and I got the trust done in 10 days. A bunch of my clients need estate documents, so it should be a great source of billing.
  • Monica H.
    Tax Advisor
    Riverside, CA

    The staff is great. So willing and open to help. The system is seamless and very user friendly. I encourage any practice who would like to enhance their business and add great service outside of Tax Preparation to give it a try.
  • Cammie C.
    , -
    Orange County, CA

    I've been looking for an easier way to book and manage client appointments. Their calendar easily hooked into my existing website. Now my clients book their appointments without me having to be involved. This has saved a ton of staff time.
  • Howard D.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Signed up for a 30-day trial. They called me to walk me through the setup - very friendly staff. Was able to easily import client contact info from my tax software and now I can access my client data from anywhere.
  • Take Your Business To A Whole New Level

    With SmartCenter's marketing tools, revenue tools, and practice management features, the average 300-client firm can significantly increase their annual revenue. 

  • Increase Your Income

    With our referral marketing tools, the average 300-client firm could increase their annual new referral clients from 12 to 24. If each client in your firm is worth an average of $328 in annual revenue, that would translate to $7,872 in increased revenue compounding yearly. If your average annual revenue per client increased from $328 to $495, that would mean an increase of $50,100 in total gross revenue. 

  • Increase Your Efficiency

    Using SmartCenter's online client appointment calendar, on average 68% of clients will schedule their tax appointments online. 

    In a 300 client firm this would mean saving 58 hours of scheduling time compared to booking appointments manually.

  • Save Time and Money

    58 less hours of admin time, manually booking appointments, would save on average $696* during the tax season. 

    *Based on office admin compensation of $12 per hour.